I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 1992. My childhood was spent between my parents and my grandparents. I don’t even remember where I spent more time now. I guess it was my grandparents place. Music was always in the apartment as my grandma constantly sang and played the piano. She used to play notes on the piano and have me sing them until i got the pitch right. A sort of early solfège. Eventhough I don’t sing much now, I still think about those early days when I do.

I did not gravitate to any sort of art until I turned 13. Good number. At that time, struggling with a lot of family issues, I had the urge to express myself. For a teenage kid with a lot of problems and no audience this became paramount. I remember the need to scream my lungs out, but nobody would listen. That’s when I found painting and photography. This was the start. I took up photography class after school which finally gave me a sort of medium for self-expression. Not long after I started going to a second class, which was academic drawing. By the age of 15 I had a full library of digital photos and a good bunch of film. At that time in a sort of Soho-ish district of Vilnius I was approached by a local artist and was asked to organize a photo exhibition. His idea was to take a camera and give it to local punks and bums, teach them how it works and let them take pictures. My job was to approach them, teach them, then print the photos and finally make the exhibition happen. I remember being terrified, but also empowered, as finally people were listening.

In my mid teens I rediscovered music. More importantly – metal music. I heard it a lot at home as my sisters would listen to it, but it was mostly radio rock and metal like Metallica, Nirvana, Soundgarden and so on. Once I accidentally found about the more extreme stuff, I was down a rabbit hole. I immediatelly wanted to play myself, so I found a guitar teacher and started learning guitar. Although I did not enjoy the classes very much, it was a start. In my late teens I discovered drums and thus began a new journey and all else started fading away. I did not return to photography until the age of 26 and painting became something that I occasionally do as therapy. Drumming was the new thing now. A thing to add – apart from the extreme music, I was always and still am really into folk and world music. This would lead me later on to join some projects of this scene and later on form my own project Dausa.

In 2009 me and a bunch of friends formed our first band Life’s Edge. A sort of gothic/death-doom/dark/melodic metal. Yeah… It was a time of experimentation, finding out how our instruments work and really just fun. In 2012 we released our first EP Left in Despair. And in 2013 a second one called Ocean. During this period I was really into playing slow and hitting hard. Everything changed in 2014 when I joined Juodvarnis, my now main band.

After joining Juodvarnis I had a big learning curve (and still do). They were now an established band who had a full-length album and were playing festivals. I had to adapt to the faster tempos and blasts which were kind of new to me. So at this point my new journey started. Drumming became a profession, a sports club and a job. I really wanted to do my best, so I started forming a routine and actually investing time to watch lessons online and seeking other drummers for guidance. And this journey is still going on now.

Apart from drumming, my day job, as some like to call it, is producing. In 2016 I received my Master of Arts degree in music and film production. I’ve worked on a lot of projects which you can check out in other sections of this site.

Now I focus a lot on writing and on our new record with Juodvarnis.